Winter Flowering Cherry(Prunus). Pencil.
16 1/2" x 23 1/2".

I love the unfinished stage of pencil drawings where the eye and imagination of the reader are free to fill in the negative spaces.
Countryside Commission. Gouache. 16 1/2" x 23 1/2"

One of my favourite painting commissions was a series of gouache paintings similar to the old Shell Guide Posters.

Upon the birth of each child in a family of five, I was commissioned to do a painting. These featured landscapes crammed with assorted flora, fauna and animals for the recipients to enjoy as they grew from children to adults.
I was free to choose the layout and contents ...
Passionflower (Passiflora). Pencil.
16 1/2" x 23 1/2"

I am as fascinated in drawing plants as I am in the symbolism, myths and narratives associated with them.

The symbolism of the Passionflower (originally discovered by 16th Spanish missionaries), led to the drawing revealing Christ's Passion, but at the same time I wanted the meaning of the hand grasping out to be ambiguous so it might also suggest historical layers thereby also representing the power struggle of the ancient Aztecs, a 21st century drug baron or a gardener tending the vine..

My research into the passionflower led me to realise that the religious/political power-struggle over gold in the ancient Aztec civilisation and the slave trade has now been replaced by the trade in cocaine and the drug barons.
Ship's Cat, Brighton Marina. Watercolour. 16" x 20"

I once enjoyed painting a set of commissioned watercolours of boats/yachts done in situ, which were exhibited in Brighton Marina's Yacht Club.

I also love to draw and paint architecture, especially in a state of 'pleasing decay', ~ old, rustic buildings within the landscape, engine houses, churches, cottages and of course most recently the beautiful and atmospheric Godolphin House here in Cornwall.
Czars and Victorias. Gouache. 16" x 24"

These two intertwined plum trees grew in the garden where I lived in Essex. One summer's day, heavily laden with fruit, the branches of one broke under the weight and the huge old tree collapsed and died.
Hedgerow, Commission. Watercolour. 16" x 26"
Cherries. Coloured pencil drawing.
16" x 22"

Lily Regale. Gouache. 16" x 24"

My first commissions after leaving art school were for
Popular Gardening Magazine.
Since then I have received many floral-themed watercolour and gouache painting commissions, including assorted flowers depicted where they grow naturally, in gardens and hedgerows.

I am a keen gardener and allotment holder.

Papaver Pizzicato. Watercolour.
19 3/4" x 7 3/4"

The prices of original artworks range from 25-1000, an A4 watercolour costing between 250-300 and an A2 gouache painting around 500-600.

Watendlath, near Keswick, Cumbria
Sketchbook pages. Pen
4 1/4" x 12"

Whilst running my painting/drawing courses for the F.S.C I occasionally find time to draw the landscapes and places which have, over the years, become so dear to me.
1990 - onwards Illustration commissions and private painting commissions.

1989-1991 The Advertising Bureau, Hove, Sussex. Advertising & Illustration commissions.

1987-1988 Outlook Studio, Dean Street, Soho, London.
In house storyboards, including magic markers, advertising and packaging commissions.

1979-1982 Represented by the Garden Studio, London {Artists Agents}

1982-1986 Represented by the London Agency for Art & Design {Illustrators Agents}

From 1979 Hilary worked as a freelance illustrator particularly for IPC Magazines.

Illustration Clients

have included:

The Milk Marketing Board
Larkin, May & Company
Mitchell Beazley
Granada Books
Readers Digest
Homes & Gardens
Ms London
Woman's World
Country Living Magazine
Observer Magazine
Telegraph Sunday Magazine.
Woman's Journal
Popular Gardening
"As well as illustration commissions I also welcome drawing and painting commissions. I love to work from direct observation usually in a sketchbook either in pencil or directly with a very fine pen, collecting information and annotating my drawings as in a visual diary. I can then change scale, media and colours later.

I work mainly in pencil, gouache and watercolour, and can print my own etching editions here in my studio. The prices of original artworks range from 25-1000, an A4 watercolour costing between 250-300 and an A2 gouache painting around 500-600. I also produce cards and small prints from my original artwork."

Please send me an e-mail to discuss your requirements.